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Our mission at ABOASE is to care for the world we live in, from serving people with knowledge and inspiration, to blending Body & Soul together, through simple principles of life and laws of attraction. 

At ABOASE, we strive to set an environment for Mastering YOUR life and to be who YOU are!
For your Self, and 'coming home' together in a heart living global expanding world.

Our vision is to be a global life changer on this planet and inspire thousands of people to create their most joyful, loving, abundant life, based on joy and harmony! And networking together with other organisations and communities.


ABOASE is a magical story, my story since that meeting with Abou that gives meaning to my life each and every day.


It is a coming together of all facets of my being that now takes shape in one whole, one story, ABOASE.


Abou is a black man that I, as a white woman have met by the sea. (MAR & ABOU)


When I met ‘Abou’ (meaning "at the end" in French) you have to know I was literally and figuratively at the end of my life. I was experiencing a low point in every area of my life. (Relationship, work, finances, etc.)

Abou was a market trader by the sea and sold African artifacts. One specific item drew my attention. A mask/totem. When I took hold of the mask I was literally flooded with a loving energy that can not be described in words.


My connection with the mask that day, Heaven/Earth, was so strong that Abou ajusted the price for me. He wouldn’t let me leave without it.


He explained to me that the mask was created to protect women through the whole process of carrying and giving birth to a child.  I had 3 children already and a 4th was unlikely. That was not written in the stars.

However, what he said confirmed the dream I had ...


Since I had been on a silence retreat in August 2008 I had a dream in which I would create a place for people who want to unwind and shape the forces in their life again.


This was to become the “fourth” child where Abou was talking about.


Abou embraced me and said he would pray every day that my connection with the mask would create a space where that child could be born.


When I came home with the mask, my heart started calling me to blent the OASIS of peace and the magic with ABOU together.


Abou and Oasis fused and thus was born ABOASE.

Abou, is the journey from A to B, from exhaustion to power, in an oasis where respect, love and safety take precedence to let go and grow. The seed is planted, the growth can begin ...



Months later at an event, where I brought people to their inner feeling, I had another significant meeting with a black man (Bee). He noticed the name ABOASE on my card and asked me for more information about who I am.


I told him that I was working on a dream for people to offer a space to get closer to their inner space, to find peace and to shape their life as they dream.


He was stunned and said: ' Do you know what ABOASE means? '


For me it was the fusion of Abou and OASIS. Just a powerful fusion of 2 ' words '.


For Bee it was the literal translation of "The bowl of the medicine man".


When he told that I was again flooded with that loving energy of that first meeting with Abou that can not described in words.  Time stood still, I could feel the heart beat of life throughout my body.


A deep knowing and realization that my dream was flowing in the right direction.  What a force! A true flow of love.


Abou and Bee showed me that thanks to their encounter,  I just have to be myself and then the road opens up from the heart. Your dream, child, then reveals itself.


This is no coincidence. It is the confirmation of following the passionate signs on my path which the universe showed me more and more. A real blessing.


The path of divine love, my inner child is merging and uplifting me with the passion to achieve my mission and experience all its facets.

This gives ABOASE every day more and more expansion. It is a revelation of the heart, my dream.


That is what I wish for you too and in which I would love to accompany you.

Life is full of magic and passion! Also for you!

Welcome to ABOASE!

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